2 March 2013

Book Club: 'Me Before You'

- NO SPOILERS- This is my first Jojo Moyes book which I've read, I have bought another one since but haven't read that yet.  I finished it a few months ago but the story has stayed with me since.  It is definitely a weepy, but I'm always welcome to them, I find it kind of beautiful how words, these little black things on a page, can make someone emotional.  It's a thought-provoking book (my favourites) about love, soul-searching and letting go.
In a sentence the plot of the story is a woman taking care of a quadriplegic man and, when accidentally discovering his intentions, she sets herself the mission of giving him reason to live.  The subject of physical disability is dealt with in a sensitive and compassionate manner.  It really hit home with me when I was reading about Will's daily life, in which he has to rely on people to do everything except move his head.  He's a man full of life and adventure, making it even more heartbreaking.  His sould is hungry for something that can never be his again.  If this book won't encourage you to get out there and live your life - a lesson which main character Lou has also to learn - then I don't know what will.  My personal definition of 'love' is when you care about someone's happiness more than your own, and if they're happy, then that's what really matters, and this book definitely reflected that.
I correctly predicted the outcome pretty much before opening the book, but how it got there was beautiful and moving.  It really makes you think 'Well, what if I was in the position?', referring to both of the main characters.  It touches ethical issues such as the right to die, something which I've always believed in and thus only adds to the beauty of the book.  A must-read.


  1. i've heard so many good things about this book! ox

  2. Yey you read it - fab isn't it!