7 March 2013

Subtle blooms

Blue coat: RIVER ISLAND | Floral playsuit: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Ever since dying my hair orange I've had to put extra thought into what I choose to wear.  Let me tell you, not a lot goes with orange, including my bright yellow jumper which I usually wear all the time.  Not like I'm complaining, it's been awesome being an orange head.  One colour that I do think works with it, though, is navy blue.  Simple, not too bright and thus balances out with bold hair colour.  The floral print goes perfectly and a simple, chic playsuit is the ideal item just to throw on (although not when you go for a tinkle and find that suddenly you're getting nearly naked).  I grabbed this baby in the Christmas sale for £20, that'll definitely do for me.  I haven't worn it with the bright blue coat before but I actually think they go really well when worn together, non?  In the summer, if it ever does get warmer here in the UK, I look forward to wearing it sans tights with a shirt (just typed 'shit' and very nearly didn't notice) underneath.
My last few blog posts was all around me and my birthday and going to Paris, I haven't posted since last weekend - having a needed small break which every blogger has now and again - and to update you guys, I never went to Paris.  I was meant to go on Thursday, early evening, so I spent the whole day buying last minute things, rushing around and packing my bag.  I got to the coach, stayed for about ten minutes and decided to go home.  Why?  Social anxiety, that's why.  I was going with about 140 people and yet I had no one to go with and was going on my own.  I got there, saw everyone in groups, started worrying about everything which I'd been pushing out of mind before and decided it was best for me to walk away.  I thought this was chickening out but my parents have been terribly supportive and have convinced me it was actually a brave thing to walk away and act upon a pretty crazy decision (I have the best parents ever, don't cha know?).  So I have to not even think about all of my money I've wasted on it - because I could have bought a lot of pretty clothes with that amount - and just know that I did the right thing for me.  A few emotional hours later I was home late Thursday night, got a hug and an Indian takeaway and spent my birthday here the day after.  I didn't do much due to the fact I wasn't meant to be in the country, but I had a lovely, chilled day with my mum and had a meal with my dad the night after, so a birthday spent at home with the family is perfect for me.  Paris, we will meet at some point, and I think we'll get on pretty damn well when we do, but just not right now.
Let's see how being nineteen treats me...


  1. this playsuit is so so delightful.. i love it!
    oh it's scary when you get to a place and there's huge mounds of people.. i used to work abroad, and each season i'd meet in a location with literally 11 coach loads of people (maybe even more) and each year it would get harder and harder to go alone. it's always tricky, but once you've done it you feel so much better for it. but it still sounds like you had such a lovely birthday too :) xx

    The Little's.

  2. Lve this playsuit - you look fab :)

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  3. Love this outfit, think both shades of blue really complement your new hair!

    I know what you mean, I used to be exactly the same - it's a horrible feeling. Glad you had a nice birthday though, sometimes its good just to do nothing xx


  4. cute playsuit, I almost thought it was a dress.

  5. Hi just found your blog! I really love your playsuit. The navy blue is enough for a slight pop of colour but still understated which I like :) Your converse tie the look together, so simple yet effective - and comfy which is a huge bonus haha.

    If you have a minute, check out my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x x