12 March 2013

& Other Stories

1. Dress £55 | 2. Crop sweater £39 | 3. Mesh top £39
4. Shirt dress £45 | 5. Lace bra £17 | 6. Panel dress £65
7. Striped top £25 | 8. Transparent brogues £79

If you haven't heard of the brand & Other Stories, it's very recently been launched by sister brand H&M.  I'm not H&M's number one fan, I go in regularaly but I'm extremely underwhelmed by most of it.  Sometimes I see bloggers wearing things from there which I really like, I'll go in the store to find it but never can, thus losing my faith in the retailer all over again.  It's okay, and I own a couple of items from there, but you usually get what you pay for, which isn't a lot.  Saying all that, I feel completely differently about this new brand.  I can say I spent an hour or so the other night browsing through the website and am pretty sure I have seen every single product they're currently selling.  Its layout is like a Tumblr page, especially with its continous scrolling, which really appeals to me.  They offer very simplistic items, kind of like a mix between Zara and a more expensive high street store like Cos.
If you compare the prices to H&M then you're probably gonna be disappointed, but me being a big fan of Topshop - which isn't cheap, really - then it's no more expensive than that.  I can't afford any of it yet, but I'm sure I'll be buying from there at some point as they offer some unique, cool pieces which you won't find anywhere else.  If I could pick any item to have now I'd choose the first white dress, the colour is parfait for summer and the shape is quirky and different, I really like it.  I've got to say though, the brogues would be a very close second.
What do you think of the new brand?  Does the clothes suit your taste?


  1. I feel entirely the same! H&M do have some slightly better stuff (but really quite pricey) but generally I find it quite basic and unappealing. I will deffo be visiting the new shop in London. Love the look of the brogues! xx

    1. Gah you're so lucky living close to a physical store, do lots of shopping for me!

  2. I love, love, love this. It's so chic, so simple and I can see their items being bought by lots of different people with lots of different styles. I think I'll be spending a fortune next time I visit London.

  3. I reckon & Other Stories is going to become my one stop shop for gorgeous basics.
    Bemsy x

  4. Absolutely love this brand, just recently posted about them as well. Loving your picks, the dress at the top is gorgeous. Also love their bags.

    Lola x