1 February 2012

Wishful Wednesday

Lots of different items on this week!  As you can probably see I am really into minty blue colours, hence the Nike hi-tops, I don't even like Nike hi-tops?  Except these ones of course, these ones are genius... And totally tick off the whole sporty chic trend going down next season.
I've been fighting with myself over the past few days about whether I want this tiger top or not.  I've always loved tigers, they're beautiful animals, and thus was drawn to this top in a second, but I am trying to drag myself out of wearing anything t-shirt like in order to move on to more grown-uppy stuff like shirts and blouses.  But maybe this one could be an exception... But you know what, I won't be coming anywhere close to buying these any time soon and I broke my spending ban last night, as I mentioned in my earlier outfit post, and therefore trying desparately not to spend any more!  But I don't really feel bad, it was a well thought-out decision (I'm such a nerd) and ASOS are having a 20% sale off at the moment so I couldn't really say no to that, could I?
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