10 February 2012

Biker chic


Feeling a bit like a biker in this leather jacket and denim combination, hence the title.  Bit of a boring, plain-jane outfit to be honest, but sometimes one just feels like being a bit more casual (I am lying, I am simply running out of things to wear without repeating outfits on my blog due to the lack of shopping I've been doing, I don't really like dressing casual...).  I think the denim shorts and tights thing isn't the easiest thing to pull off, I have a serious issue with people wearing summery things with wintery things (I saw someone wearing tights and TOMS shoes once and I still haven't gotten over it), but I think denim shorts can work if you pair them with more wintery items, so as a result I got out my trusty black jumper.
Thankfully it's the weekend and I now have a week off college!  This means being extrememly lazy and mostly staying in with my boyfriend doing nothing.  Well, apart from a big pile of English coursework... Hmph. 
I am currently reading the second book of the millenium trilogy, I really enjoyed the first one (and the movie too) so am quite exctied to get properly into this one.  I've bought The Hunger Games too which I've still yet to read, I've read lots of good reviews about it on Twitter, so it's nice to have some time to myself sans revision and to just sit down with a book.

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