15 February 2012

Funny bunny


I know this is a late outfit post, but I have been out all day so this is the only chance I have gotten.  I woke up at ten this moring, got ready and quickly took these photos and then was out of the door at eleven to go to Manchester.  I was actually visiting Manchester University's open day for Textiles, but (after getting lost trying to find the place) after listening to some staff there and having a little tour, I came away disappointed.  It's much more science based than I wanted... Well, I wanted no science actually, but it turns out it's takes up quite a big part of the course.  So now I feel like if I was to carry out a course, I'd be doing it in order to get into a job in fashion, not because I am getting an insight of the job I wish to have in the future, which to be honest just makes going to university feel like a big waste of time at the moment... woe is me!
But as soon as I got back to Burnley I met with my boyfriend, shared a Dominos pizza (our ultimate favourite food ever) and went to the cinemas to watch The Woman in Black.  The movie was absolutely packed which meant the scariest part of the two hours wasn't in the film, but actually when everyone screamed at something.  It's a good film, I'm not great with scary films but I coped and I don't think I'll be losing much sleep tonight (although that could be to do with the fact that I've had about nine hours sleep in the past two days... seriously, woe is me.)
Anyway!  On to today's outfit.  This new sweater arrived in the post yesterday and it has straight away become my favourite item of clothing which I own.  It's cool and casual but yet shows I can have a little fun with what I'm wearing at the same time.  Plus I think it would go with pretty much everything I have but I chose a simple denim-looking skirt, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can team it with.  Watch this space!
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