14 February 2012

Be my Valentine

Everyone has their own opinion on Valentine's day, but I have no problem with it and never have done.  Yes, I am in a relationship now, but even when I wasn't it was a day to swap silly cards amongst friends.
This doesn't mean I don't show the same amount of love to my boyfriend on the other 364 days, it just means we try to find a different way to show it and say thank you.  I know it's not about the gifts, but any excuse to make a wishlist!  We haven't really bought anything for each other as we're both saving up, but we are going to the cinemas tomorrow to watch The Woman in Black, so that should be nice!  Well, for me, for him not so much as I'll either be burrowing my head in his shoulder or asking him lots of questions about the film (it's a problem I have...).
Did you do anything to celebrate it today, or maybe you didn't bother?  Either way, I hope you've had a lovely day, I have.
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