28 June 2012

Why'd you have to go and let it die?


The weather is being crazy humid at the moment so what better time to pair a jumper with a dress?  It's not a combination which I get to try often due to the lack of predictable weather, but it is one I really like  I think it looks simple but très chic, also.  I wasn't sure about mixing the two colours together, though, because they are very similar but I actually really like how they look together.  The jumper is nice and light so I consider it more of a summer jumper rather than winter one.  I haven't tried it with black items because I don't think they'll work together, I much prefer it worn in outfits like this one. 
I decided to feature my bag in my outfit photos today mainly because it was a nice addition to my relatively simple outfit.  I bought it in London a few months ago, I love the pop of pink on it and it's much bigger than it looks on the outside, which is always a bonus for us ladies!  I'm not much of a bag person, probably because I can't afford to be, so I'll keep this one for the next couple of months and then buy a more winter appropriate one (i.e. a black one) so it suits more of my outfits.  To say I carry this one round with me every day and it still looks as good as new I think it's doing well!  Definitely got my money's worth, and I love love LOVE it when that happens.
I went to see Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter yesterday, have you seen it?  I actually thought it was pretty good, and the 3D effects were the best I've seen yet because I usually can't see much of a difference in other ones!  I'm also trying to finish reading 'The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' before I get inevitable sucked back into the world of Christian Grey, but I'm getting a little bit impatient with it now because there are SO many characters to remember, plus their names are Swedish which doesn't help.  I did really enjoy the first book/film though so I'll see it through to the end!
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  1. This is a really nice outfit, glad you decided to pair them despite the similar shades of blue!

  2. Lovely Jumper! Check out my giveaway, if you like.


  3. ahh really cute outfit! x

  4. great outfit, love the jersey! :)
    kisses !

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