14 June 2012

Bow on the back


Move over LBD as a new contender is stepping up: the LWD. Yes, black is out of my outfits and white is my new go-to colour (well, for now...). While bold brights and ice cream pastel shades have caught the majority of the fashion crowd's eye this season, I have been buying more and more items in white.  Don't get me wrong I love a good pastel piece, but there is something about the colour white which lets it make enough of a statement on its own.  It's true that the colour has some practicality issues, especially if you're an avid eater of beans on toast like a certain someone I know *ahem*, but the extremely chic effect of a fresh white dress like this one is well worth it.  I kept the rest of the look understated and decided not to accessorise except with one bracelet (a few gold pieces would have worked perfectly), in this instance less is definitely more.  I'd love some more white items and do a little white-on-white, and I would especially love a crisp, white blazer.  The red shoes offer just the right amount of a little colour to the outfit, a slick of red lipstick would have worked just as well.  A few sun rays and sun kissed skin would have been the perfect accessory, but alas they aren't really something which I can pull out of my jewellery box.
I love the simple and flattering shape of this dress but the low cut detail on the back is without doubt my favourite thing about it.  And the bow - parfait!  I am so pleased I bought this, especially for a mere sixteen pounds, because this is my bestest favouritest dress.  It's feminine, angelic but a little flirty - all in one item!  What more could a girl ask for?
In other news, I had my exam yesterday, it went okay, it didn't go okay - god knows!  But it's over and done with now and after my last exam next week it will just be the anxious wait for results day.  I went to the movies to see Snow White & the Huntsman after college for a little bit of a break, and it was just WOW!  Kristen Stewart was amazing, Chris Hemsworth was the perfect choice for his part and Charlize Theron is the best baddie EVER, and her outfits were equally awesome.  I have nothing bad to say.  Have you seen it?
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  1. Gorgeous outfit that coat is so incredible! I love your tattoo as well I didn't realise you had one, suits you so much!

    1. Aw thank you! Yeah I got it about a month ago now, I love it!

  2. I love your dress so much, it's so amazingly cute! And your bracelet is also awesome, but I could never wear something like that, I swear I'd be poking peoples eyes out all the time, and keep poking myself ;)

  3. nice dress... I follow you!


  4. I love this , you're adorable <3

  5. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog hun! you look gorgeous, hottt outfit! x

  6. So cute, you make me want a red pair of converse... :-)
    Love, VLL xo

  7. This is gorgeous! I love how you've paired it. Lovely blog, hun xxx

  8. That coat is beautiful! Lovely blog :)