26 June 2012

The best websites for saving money on fashion

[shop-uh-haw-lik, -hol-ik]
noun Informal.
a frequent shopper, especially one who is unable to control his or her spending. (from dictionary.com)

I am, without doubt, a compulsive shopper.  I become preoccupied with shopping, and devote a silly amount of time, and an even sillier amount of money, to the activity.  When I'm not spending, I am online window shopping.  "WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF?" my family ask, "Dem, just stop looking at clothes!" they say.  I don't know why I torture myself in this way, because even when I find something that I LOVE and just cannot stop thinking about, I can't do much more than add it to my 'Wishlist' on Pinterest, which currently holds 616 items (which says it all, really).  I know a lot of you can relate to/share my addiction, and I suppose reading fashion blogs just makes you want to spend even MORE money.  Therefore I have decided to write about a collection of the websites which aim to make you save money on fashion.  Spending bans will no longer be the answer!
You've probably all heard of this one, and I know a lot of you will have used it, too.  The great thing about this website is it doesn't only save you money but it can make money for you, too.  I know some people are still sceptical on how reliable it is but I have bought (and sold!) many items on there and haven't yet had a bad experience, (always check the seller's rating!) but even brands now have outlet stores on eBay such as Office, French Connection and Religion, and it's just as safe (but much cheaper!) to buy from them as it is to shop on their actual websites.  A great thing I've found also is Victoria's Tumblr who actually devotes some of her time to finding specific items on eBay for you, she also writes eBay related posts every Sunday such as a collection of 'designer inspired items' on her blog.  If you're a fan of shopping on eBay, you should definitely check her out!

This website finds out all the latest voucher codes, sales and offers available in the UK and puts them all in one place - hallelujah! Before I make a purchase I always check whether there are any voucher codes floating about which will save me a bit of money, so this site is perfect. I always have it opened in a tab when I am doing my online shopping! The brands which are featured include New Look, In Love With Fashion and Urban Outfitters. People who I follow on Twitter are ALWAYS asking people if they know of any voucher codes for a certain shop, so I will definitely be recommending this website!

If you've got a big fancy occasion coming up (a guest at a wedding this summer, perhaps?) or you just want to look amazing for a night out but can't afford a designer dress, then this website is the answer.  I know a lot of women spend a fortune on a whole new outfit on a night out and then won't wear it again, ever, but with this website you can spot a dress you love, hire it (try it on before if you wish!), wear it, and then simply send it back.  We know a lot of A list celebrities borrow dresses for an amazing red carpet event, and now the same service is available to us.  You can hire dresses by Herve Lerger, Miu Miu and Alexander Wang, to name a few!  I actually hired my prom dress from them a few years ago - a beautiful coral Issa dress, and I saved a few HUNDRED pounds! (Which is a pretty big deal.)  This is definitely worth checking out.

This is basically a free online personal shopper.  When you sign up you tell them your favourite designers - from Dolce & Gabbana to Topshop - and your sizes, and then they send you personalised email alerts that feature the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and VIP sale events.  Rather than you spending a silly amount of time trying to find the latest sales, this does it for you!  I have been using this for a while now and it's so helpful and saves me a lot of time.

It does what it says on the tin, really. This website was recommended to me by someone on Twitter a few weeks ago. Why is it so cheap? Well, in their words 'We believe women's fashion trends are moving so fast the every single of you, our customers should have the right to fill up their wardrobes without having to pay a fortune!'. It's an amazing idea, I think. You can buy ten things for £50 whereas that money would buy you one dress in Topshop! It's a great way to go shopping without the inevitable guilt that usually comes after a usual shopping trip.

This is probably one of the websites which you've heard of before as I've seen it mentioned in magazines so many times.  It is a huge fashion outlet which sells women's designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the original price.  During weekends they even offer ADDITIONAL discounts, on top of their already unbelievable reductions.  Amazing for the shoppers who love designer bargains, but also for us high street lovers - because everyone wants at least one designer item in their wardrobe!

Other tips for saving on fashion:

- Charity shops/carboot sales.  I have seen so many bloggers looking amazing in pieces only to find out they purchased them for a mere few pounds!  Although it does usually take some digging and effort, I think the end result it totally worth it.
- If you are a student, like me, then take advantage of your student discount!  Although 10% off £20 may not seem like a lot, the amount of pennies which you save from using your discount will all add up!
- Other fashion blogs.  So many girls have discount codes at the bottom of their post for brands which aren't as well known or are just starting up, or sometimes they even host giveaways which is great if you're lucky!  (I'm still yet to win one, though...)
- The sale sections.  Sites like ASOS always have something like a 50% off section on their website, even though they might not be having an official sale, so it's always good to check, just in case!  Which brings me on to my next point...
- ...Don't buy something in the sale simply because it's cheap!  Ask yourself if you would have bought it for its original price.  If you didn't like it when it was full price, then you probably shouldn't buy it now.
- Set yourself a budget.  Whether you limit yourself to a certain amount a month or you go shopping with a specific amount of cash in your hand, it's a great way to stop yourself being skint/spending all your money on payday so you have none left for the rest of the month.  This is one I'm still yet to learn...

So there you have it!  That is my pick of the most useful websites for saving money on fashion, maybe you use one which I haven't mentioned?  I'd love to hear your tips and sources for shopping on a budget!
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  1. You have some really great tips in here and a fab list of places to buy fashion for less. I love The Outnet.

  2. wow! this is such an amazing list, will be checking out all these websites, i love saving money! ;D x


  3. perfect post! i'll be checking out all those websites as my bank balance is very low :( x