17 June 2012

Ball and chain dress


This dress was featured on my 'Wishful Wednesday' post this week, so what better excuse to buy it when I visited Manchester on Friday for a spot of shopping?  I usually have a debate with myself for a good ten minutes about if I want to go through with buying it or not, as well as a walk around the whole store (at least once) to make sure there's nothing I like more.  Yes, I have a problem.  I managed to stop myself this time, however, and even though it was one of the first things I spotted in the two floor Topshop (my heaven but also like torture) I said 'Okay, I AM buying this dress because it was on my wishlist this week so I must kind of really want it, right?' And right I was, I love it! 
I was only saying the other day that 'white is the new black' and here I am, buying a black dress... But oh well!  I was sold by the ball and chain detail (they look like navel piercings which makes me like it even more?) but I also love the neckline and its lovely light material (so light that I am pretty sure I did flash some bum today). 
As soon as it stopped raining (see last photo) I whacked this dress on with some simple patent flats - also new.  This was my first purchase in a long time, for me anyway, so I really hope I get lots of wear out of it because I do really like it and although it's a sundress it's so easy to just pair some tights with it in winter.  It's a little black dress with an edge, which is exactly why I love it, I am ALL ABOUT the edge, baby.  I decided not to wear any jewellery with it as I thought the metallic detailing on the middle of the dress AND some jewellery would be a little much, so a slick of red lipstick was just the right thing to add.  I recently discovered I love love LOVE a loose, girlie dress paired with some masculine-looking shoes, which is exactly why I put them both together.  It's a simple outfit but it gets noticed so PUT A FORK IN ME, I'm done.
Today is father's day so my brother and I spent a lovely few hours with him visiting my Gran and watching a DVD ('In Time', have any of you seen it?  I was kinda' confused but I enjoyed it... I think), I wasn't allowed to get him anything, by his orders, but a bit of quality time with some family is always nice.  It's his birthday on Friday so I can get him something then!  Hope you've all had a lovely day.
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  1. Ahhh you look lovely in this dress, the waist detailing is great too! x

  2. I love this dress. It's so edgy and fun!


  3. I love the dress, the waist is soo and it looks easy to wear :)

  4. Ahhh that dress is amazing you look super sexy. I'm exactly the same when I shop, even worse when I'm in Topshop, adding up the positives and negatives when it comes to buying something over 20 quid in there!

  5. Lovely dress and shoes

  6. I love the dress, it looks so good on :) xx

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