26 June 2012

It's a brave new world


What did I say the other day?  This jacket can be thrown over anything, ANYTHING, I TELL YOU.  Today I went for all of my go-to items - black shorts, denim shirt and Converse - and just chucked them all together to make one outfit (because it is that simple, ahem...).  A denim shirt is obviously a staple for your summer wardrobe but due to the lack of, erm, summer, I've had to make it work for autumn/winter looks, so this jacket was the perfect addition because it's an awesome layering piece.  They're both oversized and the shirt is lightweight and not tight (which I like) so the I teamed them with shorts to show a little leg (albeit under tights, not by choice, people...) in order to show I am under there, somewhere.
I know some people only wear shorts in the summer - sans tights - and although denim shorts are usually the popular option to wear with tights it's not one which I really choose.  I have a thing about wearing summery things, like denim shorts, with wintery things, like tights.  It's kind of like a man in socks and sandles, except maybe not as bad.  Don't get me wrong though, I do think some women can pull the look off but I just tend to stay away from it and buy shorts which are appropriate for all seasons.
I can't stop wearing these specific pair of Converse at the moment, I usually prefer the high-top style but I think I am beginning to change my mind.  I love them, they are just my perfect shoe (although I definitely would not say no to some Louboutins) and I would absolutely wear a pair them with my wedding dress, that's how strongly I feel that they can work with any outfit, (why don't I just get the wedding dress and marry the damn shoe?).
I am a bit better today but yesterday I was in quite a bad mood for the whole day and realised that night that it was because there was no Christian Grey in my life.  And I'm not even joking.  After reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' for two days, NON STOP, only to get completely hooked on it, on a fictional person, I am NOT looking forward to finishing the trilogy.  I think I need therapy or something, do they have help groups for this kind of stuff? 
I might be going to the movies tomorrow to see something about President Lincoln fighting vampires tomorrow, I really can't understand why people have put them two together to make a movie (I must have missed that history lesson?) but I've heard it's good, so what the hell.
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  1. Loving the denim with the camouflage pattern. You look cool.

  2. that is such an amazing jacket!! loving your style ;D


  3. Ok, so I just sorta stumblred on your blog, and I am in love, and I am following you.

    that is all.


    1. Aaaah such a good comment! Thanks Justina!

  4. Nice outfit and really nice blog too! Maybe we can follow each other?

    x For Happy Days

  5. love your jacket so much! looks really amazing!

  6. lovely you have a great blog. please check out mine too and tell me what you think :)

  7. i love that outfit, aaw looks so good! and your like me i pratically live in shorts at the moment too!follow me:) x

  8. you look really good i love your combat jacket and your denim shirtxx and your hair is a really nice colour xx

  9. looks great!! my friend got married in converse, it actually looked amazing! xxx

  10. need this jacket in my life! x