5 April 2012

Back to basics


Wearing my wardrobe basics today: a white shirt, skinny jeans and and pair of Chucks.  Some people are massive fans or the 'less is more' look when it comes to what they wear but I am not one of them people, hence why I'm going (accidentally) 'back' to them (not permanently though!).  I've asked myself, many a time, what category my style falls into, but I never know the answer to my own question.  It's not gothic, it's not girly, it's not vintage, etc etc.  Maybe this is a good thing, to not fall into a specific category?  'Keep your fashion critics guessing', as they say.  This is how I justify my not knowing, anyway.  But I do get frustrated, as I have a tendency to purchase items of clothing and then discover that I don't like them and ask myself 'Really? THIS?'.  I once (thought that I) really liked t-shirt so I bought it, got home, asked the boyf's opinion, he liked it, and then an hour(!) later I was nearly shouting at him (out of anger at myself) asking 'why have I bought a t-shirt, A T-SHIRT?!'  Far too casual for me, so it went back the next day.  What do you think, is it better (and easier) to be able to label your style?
I finally watched The Hunger Games last night.  I liked it and it is a good film which is very different from anything which I've ever seen (but I'm told it's similar to Battle Royale?), but I think they could have done more with it, I think they (the film-maker type people) spent more time on the build-up to the actual Hunger Games.  I don't want to ruin it for you though, I know a lot of people did think it was a really good film.
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  1. great look!!love the pants!

  2. This look really suits you!
    Jannaire xo

  3. it's definitely good not to fall into a specific category, i'd say anyway :) and i think you look great, the colour of your jeans are amazing and i love the simple white you've paired it with. love your blog! following xxx

  4. I love this outfit! its simple but chic, and i loveee that necklace!

    Sometimes its cool to have a certain style but its just as cool to not be able to define it!


  5. my style is different every single day of my life haha, i think i'm confused. are they the leigh jeans?! in LOVE with topshop leigh jeans

  6. Love this outfit, really simple and pretty! That shirt is gorge!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  7. Those jeans are such a pretty colour - you pull off the basics look beautifully! xx