26 June 2013


Black dog print t-shirt dress: RIVER ISLAND | Gold quilted bomber jacket & studded flatforms: TOPSHOP

This is the item that broke my spending ban (which I was do bloody well on, by the way) a few weeks ago.  It's partly because I loved it, and partly because mum said 'Ohhh go on!', blummin' enabler!  But thanks mum, these photos show me the reason why mothers are always right! (That's right, kids.)
I've got to say when I first saw this dress I actually thought it was a top, but when holding it up to myself it was quite apparent that it's meant as a dress, but obviously it's a t-shirt style one so it can be worn as a top when tucked into things as well, bonus!  All for the mere sum of twenty pounds, I'll take that.

I think it goes so well with these shoes that it's actually pretty ridiculous.  The bomber jacket seemed like the ideal addition seeing as the gold colour matches with the studs on the shoes, add some red lipstick and boom boom pow you're ready to go.  This outfit would look just as well when it gets colder (so later in the week, then...) so you can easily add tights.  I'm not exactly girly girly so the shape of the dress is great for my style - simple and casual!  I'd wear this on a night out ya know, maybe with some stockings too.


  1. Your hair is looking longer Demi :o (I like the dress too BTW) ;)

  2. spending bans never work for me either! love these long-top style dresses at the moment <3

  3. Love those shoes!! xx


  4. how cool do you look?!
    Spending ban well broken! x

  5. I love the tee! :)