1 June 2013

I’m flying too close to the sun...

Blue hooded denim jacket: ASOS (mens') | Striped shirt & denim skater skirt: TOPSHOP | Shoes: CONVERSE

Hi all!  Long time no outfit post, but I thought I'd show you today's look as the amount of items I have and haven't worn on this blog yet is getting pretty ridiculous (however I've been on a spending ban the last few weeks - and a successful one! - so maybe I'll catch up).  All of these clothes bar the shoes are from recently.    The jacket I bought in the ASOS sale for twenty pounds, not something I usually but, and I kid you not, I have worn it every single day since buying it.  Surely the novelty will wear off eventually (right...?), but the cost per wear has definitely got into negative numbers now.

The weather is still bit up and down at the moment (as in boiling one day and literally teeth-chatteringly cold the next day) so it can be difficult to know what the bloody hell to wear.  Yesterday morning I put a nice dress on before going to work, but changed my mind last minute and put some black leather pants on.  I can safely say after walking to the bus stop I was starting to question that decision... Sooo as you can see I chose the skirt-and-no-tights option today (and was cold, but we'll skip over that part).
I really like this shirt.  It's very boyish with the short sleeves and the button to the top, so it's the perfect contrast when worn with a skirt.  I think it looks great with my tattoos, too.  Thank you, me, for buying this, what a blummin' good choice.
The tattooing apprentice is going really well, I really want to start a new tattoo blog - mostly to force myself to learn new things which I wouldn't necessarily learn from my apprenticeship - but I don't want to do Blogger because of Google Plus (errrgh).  I asked on Twitter last night and a few guys said Tumblr would be a good choice, should I go for that one?  If anyone has a better suggestion (please remember I'm not a complete computer genius) then throw them this way please!


  1. You look awesome Demi! I love this outfit! The skirt and shirt combo looks great, and your converse look perf with them too! xxx


  2. Cute denim skirt, love the look with the converse :)



  3. Its been a nightmare dressing for the weather recently!!
    But this is a lovely outfit, gotta love denim and converse together - perfect combination!

  4. cool outfit! love the skirt and the shirt! xx

    The Provocative Couture