15 June 2013

Elephant dress

Elephant print dress: ASOS | Gold studded shoes: TOPSHOP

Everyone, meet my new favourite dress.  New favourite dress, meet everyone.  Anyone who knows me even a small amount knows that I seriously love elephants.  I've even bought home decor with elephants on which I can't actually use until I, you know, buy a home...  Nothing wrong with being prepared!  I don't know, I just buy everything which has elephants on, so when I saw this dress the other night, it was added to the basket.  Literally straight away.  I don't do that with many things, especially when I'm as skint as I am now.  I really like how the print is big enough so you can actually tell what it is without putting your face right up to my body - a pet peeve of mine.
The shape is something I wasn't sure of when I first tried it on earlier, my initial thought was 'Do I look pregant?' but I quickly realised it's a really cool, casual fit and wearing it with these flatforms gives it that perfect, laid back vibe.

This dress is more of a summer one - handy, seeing as that's the season that should be turning up any time now - but I could easily adapt it to a winter one with tights and a leather jacket too.
I haven't worn my red lipstick in a while - daaaaaamn have I missed it - but that small amount of colour was  just what this outfit needed.
I'd thought I'd show you my new finger tattoos which I got yesterday, you'll either love them or think I'm a crazy bitch, but either way I'm down with it.  Oh, and I haven't shown you my half shaved head on here either!  Another impulsive decision, what can I say... This tattooing apprenticeship is changing me, man, I love it!


  1. That dress is awesome, and looks great with your leather jacket too!


  2. This is the cutest dress, and it's so sweet how it has got a print of your fave animal on it! There should be more elephant prints in fashion! x

  3. I love this dress and your tattoos! So tempted to click on the asos link.. haha
    Natasha xx

  4. I love this dress, it's in my saved items for when I have money!

    Julia x

  5. i've just got this dress too! the elephant design is adorable and it's such a comfy oversized fit.
    ellie x. http://www.sweetwordsfromwonderland.com/

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  7. I love this dress! Found your blog whilst googling it and I'm glad because your style is sweeet :)

    I'm planning to get the dress but they're sold out in my size - do you reckon it would be too big if I sized up?