18 June 2013

Style In Chelsea

Like I know a lot of you will be, I am a Made in Chelsea fan and have been since episode one.  In fact, even their awesome adverts which get shown before each series make me have big fangirl moments (and wish I could be in one).  My mum and brother always joke that I've ended up in the wrong family as my standards (in general) are far too high for little old Burnley and that I'm a bit of a snob... Oopsies!  Thus, Made in Chelsea is a sweet form of escapism for me as it gives me an insight into what my life COULD be like in a few years (or twenty...), although I don't know if being a tattoo artist would let me fit in with the crew, but it's nice to pretend!
One of my favourite characters from all of the series is Caggie, I think she was one of the nicest, most laid-back people on the show (and also scarily beautiful, in that English rose kind of way, but that's besides the point).
Because of this I became very giddy when a certain email dropped into my inbox the other week from Lacoste, asking if I'd like to part in a Google+ hangout webchat with Caggie herself, as well as Rosie from the show (also lovely!) and some other awesome bloggers: Marleigh, Rachael, Corrie and Claire.  It was basically just a big girly chat about fashion and beauty, Marleigh kept the chat running smoothly and asked questions to everyone like who are style icons were and which decade we preferred for their fashion, Rosie also mentioned how she's been working to raise awareness of skin cancer which was really interesting!  Caggie was just as lovely as I imagined, which you'd be able to see yourself as Lacoste put the whole webchat on video for people to watch.
Thank you so much to Lacoste for hosting the chat, it was a surreal and really fun experience and I'd love to do something similar again, I'm so flattered I even got offered in the first place!  I genuinely woke up the next morning, sat up in bed and thought 'Did that really happen?'.

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