30 May 2013

A trip to the zoo!

Anyone who knows me will know I prefer all animals to most people (nothing against people, I just love animals), so a day out at the zoo is my favourite favourite FAVOURITE way to spend a day.  Well, apart from on a safari in Kenya, but I'm being realistic.  In October time I went to Chester zoo, which was amazing, and since that day I've been waiting to go again - it should really be a monthly thing.  This time I went to Blackpool, and I saw lots of amazing creatures from all kinds of species!

It was just my mum and I who went and I took as many pictures as I could (my camera ran out of charge right when I got to the lions - damn it!).  We started the day off with these huuuge turtles, one was stuck in the turtle flap of their little house - they were that big - but it eventually got its big bum out and we all cheered!  Aw, it must have been a bit embarrassed... We then saw the seals which were amazing, I loved their pool thing which they live in, they all looked very happy!
The gorillas were funny to watch as they were being very lazy and lying down in weird positions, all except the baby one (born in November - aaaaah!) who was playing around on the rope climbing frame.  Blackpool also had farm animals which I don't think Chester did, it was more of a childrens' area but we went to look all the same!  We saw this adorable young donkey, such a bonny thing!
We then went to see reindeer (more baby animals!), zebras (really cool to see), ostrich, pelicans, wolves, and some weird ant-eater-thing-but-not-an-ant-eater (forgot the name...) which was very happily chilling in the sun.

One of the most enjoyable things which I saw was - surprisingly enough - a giant ant eater!  I thought it was so cute in a quirky kind of way, I now really want one as a pet... They had a peacock walking around the zoo, such an amazing bird to see in person, even without its tail spread, gorgeous colours!  We then went to this inside-rainforest thing which had lots of little monkies roaming about, two walked right next to me!  *slips one into pocket*

The camels were pretty fun to see as one was munching away - and most people know camels don't have the most attractive eating technique!  And last but no least the beautiful elephants - my favourite!  They were Asian elephants, hence the lack of tusks and the tiny ears (in comparison to African).

So there we have it, my day at the zoo!  I'll be going back this summer I'm sure, but I think a safari park is out next one!


  1. Looks like a fun time. I love how u love elephants. Ive seen your elephant tattoo on ig. It's pretty amazing. Great post!
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  2. Super fun outfit! Love the red sneakers to top it off!