8 May 2013

My best dressed from the Met Gala

So one of fashion's biggest red carpet events happened on Monday night, and me to a red carpet event is like a moth to a light (usually my light, but whatever).  Until this year I wasn't usually sure when events were happening until the day after when I saw the pictures, but since January I've been making sure I'm in the know which celebrity event is happening and when.  This has resulted in my staying up past one o' clock numerous times to live stream each one, or at least to continuously refreshing style.com's Twitter page, and that's exactly what I did for this year's Met Gala.  And boy, am I glad I did!
Here is a collection of my favourite looks from the night, in no particular order, please understand that I based my decisions upon the fact that the theme was 'PUNK'!  Had there been no theme I would have a lot more here, but I'm giving credit to those who really considered the theme when choosing a look.

Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello - This is simple but still gives a nod to the theme.  The red colour, the leather material, the upturned collar, the hair... Gisele Bundchen wore a very similar dress in black, but Anja just about won it for me.

Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino - Now this, I like.  The first thing I noticed about Anne when I was streaming was her bleach blonde hair (which I think really suits her, by the way), and then the boobs.  I've read a couple of times that she should stop 'trying to be sexy', but you know what?  No, she shouldn't!  Every woman deserves to feel sexy, and I wasn't sure how Anne would interpret the trend seeing as 'punk' is a far cry from what she usually wears, but I thought she did it amazingly.  Phuck da h8erz!

Cara Delevingne in Burberry - Daaaaaaaamn Cara!  The low cut neckline, the studs, the abundance of jewellery, the smoky make-up, and the hair!  Just everything is right, like spot on.  This is how to do modern day punk, ladies, take note.

Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood -  Tartan, fishnets and wearing Vivienne Westwood, that's punk enough, right?  I'm usually indifferent when it comes to Christina's red carpet fashion choices, but I think she pulled this look off perfectly.

Hilary Rhoda - Now, I really wasn't sure about including this one, and I left it literally until the last minute to decide to, meaning even now I'm now not sure if she should be in here at all... But hey, it's a more glamourous and feminine take on punk, I guess...?

Madonna in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci - I'd be the first one to say that Madonna doesn't do too well when it comes to, er, getting dressed, and I'm pretty sure she's going through a mid-life crisis, however!  I thought her choice of outfit was bloody great considering the theme, which I know will be an unpopular opinion, but it's one night of these celebrities' lives, life's too short to put on a pretty dress for a punk night and justify it with black nail varnish, NO!
So to Madonna I say: You go Glen Coco!

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs - I've seen a lot of people indirectly ask Miley 'what the hell was you thinking?!', however I knew she'd impress me in her choice of outfit seeing as her everyday outfits are usually pretty grungy.  She opted for a simple but very apt fishnet dress, which immediately took me back to the 90s.  And for the hairstyle haters: I'll say it again, the theme was PUNK.  Chill your beans!  She was clearly having a bit of fun, and good for her for doing it too!

Rooney Mara in Givenchy - Ok, ok, I'll admit Rooney probably shouldn't be in here, seeing as she's wearing white lace...  But the dress is so beautiful, especially with that dark lipstick, and I'm not gonna lie, I saw the fact that Rooney plays the very dark (which is almost punky, right?) Lisbeth Salander as a good enough reason to include her... Sorry!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles and a Philip Treacy fauxhawk - DAAAAAAAAMN SJP, I salute you.  I never imagined she'd look as amazing as she did.  Without a doubt, my favourite look of the night.  The print, the boots, AND THE BLOODY MOHAWK.  What a way to embrace the theme.  Bloody amazing.

So there are my favourites, is there any which you agree/disagree with?  Or someone you think I should have included?  Do let me know your thoughts on the outfits!  I think if I attended the Met Gala this year (totally possible) I would have chosen a long, simple black dress with a low cut neckline, and then chucked on a heavily studded leather jacket, crazy hair and lots of piercings, and OF COURSE my Converse.
I've got to say, I thought it was a shame no one wore the Balmain safety pin dress from his S/S 2011 collection, talk about missed opportunity!


  1. Anne Hathaway and Cara both looked Incredible! I also thought Lily Collins looked Amazing too! xxx


  2. Anja's red leather was beautiful, cara looked gorgeous ad always- I'm obsessed with her!! and miley had the BEST hair! I love Kim k but seriously what was her dress? Ew Kayne should have told her! xx

  3. I love cara! she could wear a binbag and look amazing! Mileys dress is pretty but she has runied the whole thing with the awful hair! xx


  4. Wow, Anne Hathaway looks increds as does Rooney Mara

    Kylie x